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The townhouse is a testament to meticulous attention to materiality and detail. Rugged, high-quality materials that honors tradition while seamlessly blending history and modern design with a Japanese feel.

Beautifully continuous Natural Oak floors from our Solid Top Collection and the plastered walls create a serene backdrop, allowing the original wooden beams to sculpt the space. A balance of natural materials and a carefully curated color palette defines every corner.

Travertine Becagli from our Stone Collection, offers an exclusive contrast, enriching the wooden craftmanship. Transitioning from the vibrant main rooms to more private quarters, with a shift in colors, that signifies the entry into a deeper, more personal space, seamlessly connected by the wooden floors and steps of natural oak beams.

The curated material palette speaks with remarkable tactility and finish, offering a profound experience that transcends sight. Complemented by furniture, art, and objects carefully selected from our Design Partners, together with objects from Fredsteds own Design Collection.

The overall philosophy is a concept where everything you see and touch, is defined and sold through Fredsted Studio.

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