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The Process

The overall concept was to make an authentic transformation designed as a hybrid between a personal residence and the authentic Fredsted Gallery. It has been artistically designed to emphasize a zen-like aspect with corners to hang out, gather with friends and family or host meetings.

It has been very important for the project to preserve some of the most remarkable interiors that have been born into the house, and give it the great respect and craftsmanship it deserves. The back and front wall of the main building now stands in it’s original brick form, after a heavy cleaning from a blasting process with lava-dust. All original beams in the construction have undergone the same process and stands today naked and non-treated. All with traces of the past and therefore impossible to replicate. Some of these interiors became like sculptures that inspired the overall idea of the material palette and the earthy mix of warm tones.

A unique home that live and breathe with a soul of it’s own.

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